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Personally, I am one of those people that LOVES invitations. They really show how much time and effort someone has put forth to invite you to something. Invitations and cards have always been my thing and while most do not appreciate invitations, I believe they set the tone for your wedding and give guests an idea on the theme and sophistication of the wedding. Since I am someone who is not able to beautifully address an envelope, I decided to look for a calligrapher. One of my friends referred me to Susan and it has been calligraphy bliss ever since! I first went to Susan to address my Engagement Party invitations. I found that she was easy to work with, able to meet during after-work hours (I work full time), fast, had beautiful calligraphy skills, and not to mention the sweetest person ever! I continued to work with her for all my wedding calligraphy needs. Susan addressed my Engagement Party invitations, Save the Dates, Bridal Shower Thank Yous, Wedding Invitations, and Wedding Thank Yous, as well as writing my amazing Wedding Bar Sign and a few personalized gifts I gave to my family for the wedding. She is able to do all different kinds of calligraphy from playful to sophisticated. Susan has never disappointed and while some may think that calligraphy is too expensive and just an “extra” in the grand scheme of wedding planning, I believe it is more than worth it!! I will continue to work with Susan on all my future calligraphy needs. She can expect to be hearing from me when it comes time to address Holiday cards!

- Moira Ripcse 

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