First let me say how thrilled I am that you are visiting my website. My love for calligraphy started many years ago. In the beginning I was self taught, but since then I have studied under many calligraphers and lettering artist from around the world.  I'm trained in traditional calligraphic styles, but love to explore options. What make me unique from other calligraphers is the simple fact that I letter on a variety of surfaces. Everything I letter is a piece of art, including wedding invitations. 


It was my great fortunate to have learned from the following worlds leaders in calligraphy and lettering arts: 

Pat Blair, Master Penman - Chief White House Calligrapher

Reggie Ezell, (Year long study) Calligrapher

Sheila Waters, Master Calligrapher

Lisa Engelbrecht, Lettering and Calligrapher

Barbara Close, Brush Lettering Artist

Yves Leterme, Calligrapher

Yukimi Annans, Art and Calligrapher

Kathy Milici,Calligrapher

Laurie Doctor, Calligrapher